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Delaware Engineering Tackles I&I with Hach Data Delivery Services and the Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger

When Delaware Engineering, P.C. of New York was selected to provide consulting services that included Inflow & Infiltration (I&) studies for the Villages of Coxsackie and Athens, they chose Hach’s Data Delivery Services (DDS) to get the accurate data they needed in a timely manner. The firm provides both civil and environmental engineering services throughout New York’s Hudson Valley, Capital District, Adirondack and Catskills regions for both the public and private sectors. The Village of Coxsackie projects were funded by the Green County Industrial Development Agency.

DDS Flow Monitoring System Installed in the Village of Coxsackie, NY

According to Ed Fahrenkopf, Senior Scientist, with Delaware Engineering, “We’ve used DDS for a couple of I&I projects including the Villages of Coxsackie and Athens.” Both villages were under a consent order to determine the source of their I&I. The line sizes that were monitored ranged from 8-12 inches. Three DDS monitoring systems were used at the Village of Coxsackie and four were used at the Village of Athens, each for a six-month time period. According to Fahrenkopf, there were some ‘pretty tight’ manholes that needed to be monitored. Each DDS system included a web-enabled Flo-Dar radar velocity/area sensor and a FL900 Series Flow Logger. Hach rain gauges were also used in the projects. The sites had not been monitored prior to the DDS monitoring project. Fahrenkopf was familiar with Marsh-McBirney flow meters and had rented them from time to time in the past for projects.

With Hach’s DDS program, customers pay only for sewer flow data and no flow meter purchase is required. Hach personnel or certified installers perform the installs and maintain the web‐enabled flow meters. Mark Boswell of Total Control System Services, local Hach flow meter rep and trained DDS installer, performed the installs. DDS customers have online access to their data 24/7 plus a 95% up‐time guarantee. Web‐enabled, non-contact Flo‐Dar area/velocity sensors and cellular Hach FL900 Flow Loggers make DDS possible.

FSDATA monitoring graph showed backflow into the collection system
from Coxsackie Creek due to faulty backflow valve.

Within 15 minutes of installation, flow data is sent wirelessly by cellular modem to Hach’s secure server. Complete, unedited flow data can be viewed 24/7 from any web browser using intuitive Hach FSDATA® software. Hach personnel monitor all sites and perform any necessary maintenance, including battery changes, for the duration of the contract.

According to Fahrenkopf there were two main reasons why DDS was chosen for the I&I projects, “The first was the fact that the Flo-Dar sensor was installed out of the waste stream and the second was that we could have real-time access to the flow data.”

The web-enabled Flo-Dar is a non-contact flow sensor that is installed above the flow and continuously provides accurate data without concern for fouling that would in turn cause a loss of flow data. It was imperative that accurate flow monitoring systems were installed due to the six-month timeframe that was slated to collect the required data during both wet and dry weather flow conditions. The data would be used to ascertain where the greatest amount of I&I was occurring in each system.

Hach FL900 DDS Flow Logger after 6" rain in a
12 hour period continuously collected flow data.

Fahrenkopf adds, “It worked out great! DDS helped us pinpoint the areas where we had the highest amount of I&I and allowed us to focus our recommended repairs and sewer/manhole lining projects to those areas. It also saved us from going out in the field for meter installations. I could download all of the data directly from FSDATA without having to go out in the field so that definitely made things easier.” He also notes that the ability to log into the system during significant rain events allowed him to see how the system was reacting. Flow data files were downloaded from Hach’s FSDATA Data Management Software into another program for final data analysis.

The conclusions derived from the DDS flow data collected during the six-month period were used in a final report provided by Delaware Engineering to the New York State Department of Conservation who had requested a work plan to tackle the I&I issues.

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