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Issue #104, April 2011

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kevin marshUsers of our FSDATA web-based flow data management software know that it's packed with features that make remote data collection, management and reporting easy, reliable, and efficient. Even if you're not a FSDATA subscriber you can still get access to the very useful Flow Calculator that is part of our suite of user tools. Interested? Follow this link to learn how...

While you're there, feel free to poke around. While you won't have access to any actual flow data you can see from the menus and options that FSDATA, combined with our wireless FL900 flow meters, can make your life a whole lot easier. Imagine never having to drive to a manhole to collect stored flow data, or get a real-time reading. And that's just two obvious benefits.  There's so much more. And unlike others in the industry, we make the wireless part easy too. Our data hosting and access plans mean you don't have to worry about establishing and maintaining wireless accounts with your local carrier. (If you've ever tried to explain to an AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon customer service rep that you want to start wireless service on a sewer flow meter, you'll know what I mean).

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kevin marsh 
Kevin Marsh
V.P. - Flow Sales

RJN GROUP tackles elmhurst, Illinois sewer monitoring with sigma flow meters 

Recently the Chicago Tribune's TribLocal posted an article on RJN Group and the installation of 18 Sigma Flow Meters in Elmhurst, IL. The flow meters are being used to evaluate their sewer flows in an effort to solve a number of I&I related problems. The article and accompanying photo gallery is a must see.

According to Alan Hollenbeck, President and CEO of RJN Engineering, "The big picture is that we have been using Sigma meters for over 20 years. Our crews are familiar with the installation and calibration and they are a proven use and a reliable use for our temporary flow monitoring projects."...   


Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services is pleased to announce the release of their latest information brochure that details Data Delivery Services (DDS), as well as case studies and testimonials from actual DDS customers. Keep in mind, as you learn more about DDS, that for a limited time, Hach will Buy-Back your existing flow meters (any brand) to help put DDS to work for you...