Issue #138, Apr 2014

Better Flow Data for Frazier Engineering
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Better Flow Data for Frazier Engineering with Hach FL900AV
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A Note From Kevin Marsh

33For the better part of my 25 year career in this industry I've been asking you to buy my flow meters. More recently I've been quietly asking my customers if I can buy their flow meters. We launched Data Delivery Services (DDS) ten years ago to ease the costs associated with municipalities managing their own in-house sewer flow monitoring program. It has been a huge success. Every year scores of customers make the switch from in-house monitoring to Hach DDS. In many cases we actually buy back the meters they already own (regardless of brand). This is just one of the many reasons you should be considering
Hach Data Delivery Services for your future flow monitoring needs. I'm anxious to share the details with you. Let me know...

Until next month...


Kevin Marsh
Vice President - Flow Sales
Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services

Frazier Engineering Seeing Better Flow Data

Hach FL900AV Flow Meter Provides Better Data, Even in Low Flows

ddsWhen outdated Sigma flow meters in their fleet needed to be replaced, Frazier Engineering chose the Hach
FL900AV Flow Meter. Designed to provide "cleaner," more precise data than ever before with advanced signal processing and filtering options, the FL900AV expands the applicability of submerged AV sensors into more difficult applications. Read how the flow meters are providing overall better data even in challenging low flow conditions.

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Product Spotlight

Spring Runoff is Here. Get Your Hands on the Hach FH950 Now!

Product Spotlight With the spring flow monitoring season well underway, there's still time to get your hands on the best flow monitoring tool around - the Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter! Designed for use in environmental flow measurement scenarios, the Hach FH950 is designed to profile water current in streams and rivers with more accuracy and efficiency than ever before. By speeding up your flow data collection process - both in the field and in the office - you can be even more effective with your time. We know you have plenty to do, so don't let your measurement process slow you down. Get ready to run faster with the Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter.

Check out the case study below to find out how Eco Logical Research put the Hach FH950 to work for them!

Learn how the Hach FH950 Increased Survey Accuracy & Efficiency for Eco Logical Research

Did You Know?

Hach Launches Redesigned Flow Website

We'd like to invite you to explore our redesigned website, hachflow.com, created with the user experience fully in mind.

Highlights include:

  • Improved Structure and Navigation - Quickly gets you to the right flow monitoring system or service for your application! Choose by logger, sensor, system or service from conveniently organized drop down menus. Easily download brochures, watch videos and more! Be sure to check out our latest product and service offerings featured on our rotational banners.
  • Expanded Flow Monitoring Services page that allows you to quickly review the features and benefits of our 'Preferred' and 'Select' Data Delivery Services programs.