Issue #157, March 2016

Case Study: Grand Rapids, MI
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A Note From Dave Brown


Spring flow monitoring season is here! It's a busy time at Hach Flow. Busy is good right?!?

The Masters tournament was one of the best ever to watch on TV. I was rooting for Jason Day and the old-timer Bernhard Langer. The Masters gives me the itch to dust off the ole clubs and I plan to hit the fairways this weekend. Because of recent activity, Charlotte has the "buzz" about the Tiger Woods speculation of returning to play at the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, NC next week. I'm planning to walk the course and camp out at No. 8. The 8th hole, despite the length of 350 yards, is a short risk-reward par 4 that can be very challenging. It's a great hole!

The backyard irrigation plan is installed and happy new sod is growing. I still have a few loose ends but the hard work is done. I'm working on a new project that I will share with you next month. Included are the happy sod pictures.

Lastly, Collections Systems 2016 in Hot Atlanta is finally here.This is my favorite conference of sewer professionals. The Hach Flow team will be attending the GAWP Reception on Sunday evening at the College Football Hall of Fame, and you can always find us at the Hach Flow booth.

Here we go...

Dave Brown

Dave Brown
Director - Flow Sales
Hach Company - Flow Products & Services

Reducing a "Billion Dollar Problem"

Grand Rapids saves with smart flow monitoring

Mike Lunn, Environmental Services Manager for the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was facing a serious issue to the tune of 175 million gallons in I&I. But a smart and efficient flow study helped his team pinpoint the real problems and reduce the budget impact dramatically. Read his full story here.

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Product Spotlight

The Hach Redundant Level Monitoring System

We spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of utilizing non-contact flow monitoring sensors and for good reason: they're easier to maintain, foul less frequently and provide consistent, accurate data. But the truth is there are definitely times when, depending on the location or application, using a submerged AV sensor is the way to go. That's exactly why Hach offers the Redundant Level Monitoring System. It utilizes a submerged AV sensor to provide the accurate data you need at that site, but it also includes an in-pipe ultrasonic sensor that is less likely to foul, ensuring you get your data. As an in-pipe sensor, it will continue to provide measurements even in near-full pipe conditions. So in the event you need to use a submerged AV sensor, make sure you guarantee that you'll get your data by selecting the Hach Redundant Level Monitoring System.

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Did You Know?

We're on our way to Collection Systems Conference

The annual WEF Collection Systems Conference begins this Sunday, May 1st in Atlanta. Hach Flow is helping kick it off by sponsoring the official conference reception being held at the College Football Hall of Fame on Sunday night (6-8p). If you're coming to the show, make sure to join us. It's shaping up to be a great evening. Or, if you're coming in a little later, make sure to stop by our booth in the Exhibition Hall Monday and Tuesday. We'd love to see you and we'll be handing out headlamps to help you "see clearly with good flow data."

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