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FLO-DAR Gets It Done In Memphis
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A Note From Kevin Marsh


When I was a kid, and maybe it's still true in some parts of the US, school didn't begin again until after Labor Day. So summer vacation lasted all the way through August and into the first few days of September. Not anymore. In our school district in northeast Kansas the kids start school again this week. So despite the fact that Labor Day is still weeks away we've already got all our vacationing, pool time, and sleeping late (the kids anyway) behind us. Fall beckons. Back to school.

Maybe you're already planning some fall flow monitoring. If so, don't miss our summer-long Trade-Up promotion. There's a link to details below but basically we'll give you $800 toward the purchase of a state-of-the-art Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger just for trading in any old flow meter you have on hand. Call it a back-to-school special, call it whatever you want. Just make sure you call us quickly as this promotion ends soon.

Until next month...


Kevin Marsh
Vice President - Flow Sales
Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services

FLO-DAR Gets It Done In Memphis

Difficult install sites are no problem

As published on August 5th in Water & Wastes Digest Online, RJN Group Inc. is successfully completing a flow monitoring study in Memphis, TN, using FLO-DAR AV Sensors. With the potential for concentrated chemicals and high water temperatures at the install sites, RJN knew that they needed to keep sensors above the flow, not in it. And based on previous experience, RJN knew that FLO-DARs were the right sensor for the job.

Taking advantage of Hach's DDS Select program in which organizations can, for a fixed monthly cost, utilize Hach equipment and then handle their own installations and monitoring, RJN acquired the necessary loggers and sensors for this project. This gave them access to state-of-the-art equipment for their 90-day study without having to commit to an upfront inventory purchase.

Congratulations to RJN on the successful execution of their study and for utilizing the FLO-DAR and our DDS Select program to get the job done right.

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Download FREE FSDATA Desktop software for faster flow logger programming that gets you out of the weather faster!

Experienced flow monitoring technicians know that anything that gets them out of bad weather, or out of a busy street, is worth its weight in gold. Which is exactly why Hach's new instrument programming software - FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager - is designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to set-up, download from and maintain your Hach FL900 Series Flow Loggers.

Using a dashboard approach to reduce clicks and a highly intuitive interface for ease-of-navigation by even the most infrequent of users, FS DATA Desktop ensures you get it right the first time. And by reducing human error in programming, you'll save yourself from the pains of lost data and aggravating site-return visits.

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Did You Know?

Time is running out to get your $800 trade-up credit for your old flow loggers! Offer ends August 31.

If your current flow logger inventory is ready for retirement, or you simply need loggers that give you greater capability, we're offering you the chance to get more for less.For a limited time, Hach Flow is offering an $800 credit towards the purchase of a state-of-the-art Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger.

Simply trade in any old flow meter and we'll set you up with the credit.* And by any flow meter, we mean ANY flow meter, be it an old Sigma, Marsh-McBirney or Hach logger, or a logger made by any other manufacturer. It doesn't matter. Just bring us what you have. Hurry, offer ends August 31.

*Offer available in the USA & Canada

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