Issue #134, Dec. 2013

Above the Fray with DDS
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A California wastewater agency gets a handle on its collection system flows with DDS.
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A Note From Kevin Marsh

33I swear I just published the December 2012 issue of this newsletter and here I am again with most of 2013 in the rearview mirror and the holidays staring me in the face. Does anyone else think this year went a little fast? They say "time flies when you're having fun" and that's part of my problem. Here at Hach Flow we've had a lot of fun this year. In addition to another year of record results, our Data Delivery Services (DDS) solution has been adopted by several of the largest cities in the US. I'm quite certain that, as 2013 comes to a close, that Hach Flow is managing more permanent sewer flow meters than anyone. It's probably time for you to consider joining the revolution in 2014.

I hope all my readers are able to spend time with their loved ones this year. Please have a safe and happy holiday season!

Until next month...


Kevin Marsh
Vice President - Flow Sales
Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services

Above the Fray with DDS

Published in Municipal Sewer & Water Magazine

ddsA California agency gets a handle on its collection system flows using Hach's Data Delivery Services (DDS) program featuring FLO-DAR® AV Sensors with FL900 Series Flow Loggers. Read on to find out about the benefit of 'No up-front' capital expense needed since users pay only for flow data, not flow meters.

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Product Spotlight

Get FREE Data Hosting with Hach FL900 Series Flow Loggers

fl900Enjoy FREE data hosting indefinitely when you purchase wireless Hach FL900 Loggers! You get unlimited access to your real-time flow data and wireless flow meters 24/7 via FSDATA Online Data Manager software hosted on Hach's secure servers. The FL900 with FREE data hosting will reduce your monitoring costs, increase your efficiency, and provide better data with less hassle than you ever thought possible. Find out more now!

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Did You Know?

Using DDS for Seasonal I&I Studies

didyouknowWet-weather season is upon us and we know you're hoping to accurately capture events and analyze I&I in your collection system. Hach's Data Delivery Services (DDS) is the perfect resource to quickly acquire the sewer flow data you need without breaking the bank. With Hach DDS-our highly efficient flow monitoring service-ramp-up time is minimal so you can get your study started fast. And Hach provides all of the equipment you need, so there's no inventory purchase necessary. This alone saves you a bundle.

Plus, with DDS, all of your flow sites are monitored with state-of-the-art wireless flow loggers. This means you'll see your system's reaction to I&I in real-time and receive alarms the instant they're triggered, allowing you to make smart decisions right away.

So, if you're ready to start prioritizing your projects based on smart flow data from a seasonal I&I study, find out more about using DDS today.

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