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A Note From Dave Brown


The Holiday season is here! I have two more work trips to close-out 2015. As I reflect on the last year, the flow monitoring business has taken me from Los Angeles, Dallas, Baltimore, and Chicago to Key West. And my travels didn't just include big cities, but I have visited many other mid-size and small communities experiencing I/I, capacity and/or billing issues as well. One thing is clear: all parts of the country are experiencing an aging infrastructure that needs repair.

Many of my travels take me from one airport to another and I sometimes start to believe I live at a hotel. One trip stands out though, and that is a recent trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I had the opportunity to go to the top of Pikes Peak, elevation 14,110 feet. It was cold - 15 degrees, nasty, windy, terrible view and cloudy. I didn't care, I had an amazing experience. Bucket list item complete.

The Hach Flow team wishes you a great Holiday season and see you in 2016.

Here we go...

Dave Brown

Dave Brown
Director - Flow Sales
Hach Company - Flow Products & Services

Meet our WEFTEC 2015 Giveaway Winner!

Robert Villée, Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage Authority

When we asked Rob what he'd use the FH950 for first, he shared a usage so unique we thought we'd pass it along. You see, PARSA is building a combination flow meter QA/QC and wipes tester and they'll be using the FH950 for perfect calibration and verification. The testing system uses a VFD-controlled pump and 80+ feet of 8" sewer pipe, including 50 feet of lateral pipe, and is attached to 3 different toilets. The flow meter QA/QC is an upgrade to a previous one built in 2010, and for which the PARSA staff received an Operator Ingenuity Award from WEF in 2013. The new one, due to its length, will allow multiple flow meters to be checked simultaneously. The flushability lab aspect was added to test the breakup of toilet paper and flushable wipes to provide the wastewater industry backup documentation for their negotiations with the wipes manufacturers.

Check out the system in the photo above and see colleague Bob Snyder on the left using the FH950 to check the velocity in different sections of the flow bench. Pretty impressive, we must say!

Congratulations to Rob on the win and thanks for stopping by to see us at WEFTEC. We look forward to additional updates on how the FH950 is helping your team. As we're known to say, every collection system crew should have an FH950 in the truck.

We're already looking forward to seeing everyone again at WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans. It'll be here before we know it.

Learn more about the FH950 here

Monitor More Without Breaking the Budget

Level-Alarming Bundled Value Package!

Through the end of 2015, Hach is offering our highly effective Level-Alarming Monitoring System in a value package to make it easier for you to monitor more of your collection system. The system, which includes a robust wireless Hach FL901 Flow Logger and a ballasted Ultrasonic Sensor, is designed to notify you immediately via text message or email if there is any significant change in your flow levels. That way you can respond immediately to potential overflows, catch obstructions before they become an issue, carefully monitor sensitive locations, and, in short, be more in control of your system. With more meters in more locations, you'll be more informed than ever before.

The Level-Alarming Bundled Value Package also includes an antennae kit, all hardware, a communication cable and unlimited data hosting.

We're even including one year of FREE wireless data transmission to get you started.*

Take advantage of this offer today and start monitoring more, for less.

Learn More

* After 12 months, Hach will bill for wireless service at $310/year. Price subject to change. Wireless service available in USA and Canada. Special pricing valid Oct. 1, 2015 - Dec. 31, 2015.

Did You Know?

El Niño means 'Good Flow Data.'

OK, maybe we need to work on our Spanish translation skills, but we bet you know what we mean. With an El Niño weather pattern bringing lots of moisture to California and the southern half of the United States, your collection system is likely being tested this winter. It's not too late to take advantage of the higher flows to better understand your system's capacity or to identify specific I&I problem spots.

Hach Flow has a variety of solutions to help you get it done, whether you're just looking for short-term flow monitoring services or if you'd like to purchase a few flow meters for ongoing usage. Working with a local Hach Flow representative, we can help you determine an approach that works best for you.

Contact us and translate El Niño weather into good flow data this winter.

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