Issue #148, Feb 2015

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Seeing the BIG Flow Picture in San Antonio
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A Note From Brian Staff


It's a whole new era here at Hach Flow and we're excited for the opportunities the future holds. I realize that, as I sit here writing, I'm penning the first-ever Focus On Flow introduction not coming straight from either Larry or Kevin Marsh's desks. As Kevin announced in last month's issue, after 25 years of excellent service with Hach he has stepped away to pursue a new opportunity. While we are, of course, sad to see him go, we are excited for him as he tackles this new journey. Kevin certainly left his mark on our business, and at the same time, we know that MMI and now Hach Flow will always be in his blood. Fortunately, we all operate in a small world, so we know we'll get to see Kevin again soon. In fact, we're counting on him to choose a restaurant at WEFTEC.

One of the exciting opportunities that we see for our customers in 2015 is the continued growth and development of our Data Delivery Services (DDS). The article featured below ran in last month's Water & Wastes Digest and highlights the great work San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is doing with large-scale flow monitoring using these DDS services. We're thrilled with their success and proud to play a part. For an entertaining video explaining the DDS flow monitoring service approach, click here.

As Kevin would always say, "Until next month..."


Brian Staff
Director - Flow & Sampling Business Unit
Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services

Seeing the Big 'Flow' Picture in San Antonio

Large-scale DDS flow monitoring program yielding substantial cost savings in San Antonio Featured in Water & Waste Digest Jan 2015

In an effort to better plan and prioritize their capital improvement program, San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is aggressively using flow monitoring to create an all-encompassing and highly accurate model of hydraulic flows across their entire system. Launched in July of 2013 and expected to run through mid-2016, the flow monitoring project is already delivering significant results, both expected and unexpected, including substantial cost savings.

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Product Spotlight

Spring is just around the corner! It's a good time to finally get your hands on the best handheld flow monitoring tool around -- the Hach FH950 (GSA Pricing Available)

Designed for use in environmental flow measurement scenarios, the Hach FH950 is designed to profile water current in streams and rivers with more accuracy and efficiency than ever before. By speeding up your flow data collection process - both in the field and in the office - you can be even more effective with your time. We know you have plenty to do, so don't let your measurement process slow you down. Get ready to run faster with the Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter.

Check out the case study below to find out how Eco Logical Research put the Hach FH950 to work for them in their environmental studies!

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Watch the FH950 Video too!

See our Flow Products in Action at the
WEF 2015 Collection Systems Conference

Be sure to stop by the Hach Flow Booth #411 to see Hach flow meters in action in our NEW flowing water demonstrator at the Collection Systems Specialty Conference--April 19-22 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Explore our wide-range of solutions for capturing accurate low data-in any flow monitoring scenario.

Specific product spotlights will include:

• Hach FL900 Series Flow Meter Family - Our FL900 Series Flow Meter Family revolutionizes open-channel flow monitoring by providing reliable, innovative solutions for any sewer flow measurement challenge. The FL900 is designed to reduce your monitoring costs, increase your efficiency, and provide better data with less hassle than you ever thought possible.

• Hach Data Delivery Services (DDS) - Stop by and see our in-booth DDS program demonstrations. If you're struggling with limited resources or are simply tired of fighting to get good sewer flow data, DDS is your answer. From handling the upfront install and ongoing maintenance to providing real-time access to your flow data, DDS moves you beyond simply chasing the data and gives you the time to start solving problems.

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Did You Know?

The Hach sc200 is an economically-intelligent flow solution.

That's right, the Hach sc200™ Universal Controller with Ultrasonic Sensor is designed to give highly accurate level measurements that, in combination with a hydraulic structure, provides flow data in permanent scenarios.

From the monitoring of inlet flow, final effluent and activated sludge to fulfilling NPDES permitting requirements, the Hach sc200 can tackle them all.

Plus, the sc200 has the versatility to accept up to two sensors from Hach's wide selection of digital and water quality analog sensor options. So if you're looking for a budget-sensitive-yet-highly-modular universal controller, you've found it in the Hach sc200.

Product Details

Read how Templeton Community Services District uses the sc200 in their important billing application