Issue #147, Jan 2015

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FSDATA Desktop Software Update
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A Note From Kevin Marsh


Friends -
This is my 147th issue of Focus on Flow. It is also my last. After 25 years of service (16 with Marsh-McBirney and 9 with Hach) I am stepping away from the world of sewer flow meters. Beginning February 1st I will be the VP of Sales and Marketing for OptiRTC - a small technology company introducing some breakthrough solutions to the storm water management market.

It's funny, when Hach acquired Marsh-McBirney in 2006 most of my industry colleagues thought I'd last at most two years in the "big company" environment. It's testament to the excellence of this company that I was able to enjoy one of the most satisfying periods of my career. I leave Hach on the best of terms and know that the world class team of experienced professionals there will continue to provide each of you with the outstanding products and services you have come to expect. All of your current Hach Flow contacts--from your local sales representatives and Divisional Sales Managers to Technical Support and Product Management--remain excited to work with you and remain available to support you in every way.

I take with me a quarter century of fond memories, laugh 'til you cry stories, and of course hundreds of professional and personal relationships from across the industry and literally around the globe. It is my most sincere wish that those of you that want to stay in touch do so. You can find me on LinkedIn and I look forward to connecting with you there. For those of you not on LinkedIn my personal contact page is another resource.

Until we meet again.


Kevin Marsh
Vice President - Flow Sales
Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services

FSDATA Desktop Update

FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager Software Update Now Available

Hach's new FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager is FREE software designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes to set-up, download from and maintain your Hach FL900 Series Flow Loggers.

An updated version of FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager (v1.1.0.0 ) has been released and is now available as a software update. This new version allows users to review data in scatterplot format in addition to the three current data viewing options. Current data viewing options include time-series graphs, tabular and a split screen with both a time-series graph and tabular. Data viewing options are accessed through the "Data" menu item.

The update also contains new firmware for the Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger (v1.10). As of 12/5/2014, all units shipped from Hach will use this new version of firmware. It is best practice to update all existing FL900s, both wireless and non-wireless, to the latest version of firmware to prevent software/firmware incompatibility.

If you have already installed FSDATA Desktop, these updates can be made using the "Software Updates" option within your existing version. Once you've updated your software, your FL900 Flow Logger firmware can be upgraded by simply connecting to the logger with a USB cable, navigating to "Instrument Tools," and clicking "Firmware Update." Make sure v01.10 is selected and click "Update." The update will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete, so make sure your logger has sufficient power to operate for this length of time.

If you wish to download FSDATA Desktop, it can be found on the Software Downloads page of hachflow.com

For support, please contact the Hach Flow Technical Support Team at flowtechsupport@hach.com or 800.368.2723 (Toll Free USA and Canada).

Product Spotlight

Level-Alarming Network Extension Offers Cost-Effective Monitoring Solution

Collecting flow data and knowing what is happening within an entire wastewater collection system can be a costly endeavor, especially with hundreds of manholes and miles and miles of pipe. The Hach Level-Alarming Network Extension system provides a cost-effective way to monitor more sites throughout an entire collection system and capture more data without crushing the budget.

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Did You Know?

DDS customers are excited about getting good flow data and are spreading the word.

Our customers are so proud of their decision to use Hach's Data Delivery Services (DDS) that they're sharing the good news with you!

"It really fulfills our needs. The price was right too!"
City of Scottsdale, AZ

"This outsourcing program enabled us to bring all the necessary flow monitoring systems and sub-basins together into one comprehensive program."
EADS Group

"We feel that it's possibly going to be several hundred thousand dollars a year in enhanced revenue with DDS."
City of Gulfport, MS

"With DDS we don't have to have anybody come in and get a flow reading on their day off...we just go to the website. It's quite a time saver."
US Steel

"It was a luxury to sit at the plant and receive real-time data through Hach's web server on the depth in problem manholes."
Big Bear City, CA

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