Issue #152, July 2015

A Miraculous Sewer Find
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A Note From Dave Brown


Last week was my birthday week! My social media sites exploded with birthday wishes and photos and I enjoyed reading the posts. Looking back, I realize I have been in the sewer flow monitoring business for over 20 years and so many of my friends are colleagues in the business. A friend/mentor once suggested I just put 20+ years on my resume and leave it at that...and now I'm over that mark!

Another lesson I learned long ago is that there are two types of people in the sewer business: One type says, "I'm NOT climbing into that sewer!" and the other says, "Get out of my way while I go down there." I'll admit, I'm the latter and like calling myself a "sewer dog." If you are too, you're going to appreciate the story this month.

Here we go, 20+ years...

Dave Brown

Dave Brown
Director - Flow Sales
Hach Company - Flow Products & Services

A Miraculous Sewer Find

Send us your funny sewer finds. Win a $50 Amazon gift card.

In the June issue of Focus On Flow we asked you to submit funny, interesting or amazing things you've found in the sewer. We received a great list of funny discoveries from Dan Person who has worked for The City of Coquitlam in British Columbia for over 25 years. One of his stories though, topped them all, if for nothing else than the sheer luck of the find.

About 8-10 years ago, Dan and his crew received a call from a woman in a complete panic. Apparently this woman, in preparation for her upcoming wedding, had been washing a collection of 5 wedding rings for her wedding party. These rings had been passed down to her as family heirlooms. After rinsing the rings off in her bathroom, she simply wrapped them in toilet paper and set them to dry on the counter.

Sometime later, her mother walked into the bathroom and saw the ball of toilet paper on the counter. You see where this is going right? Thinking it was just garbage, the mother took the ball of paper and flushed it down the toilet. That's when Dan's team got the panicked call, asking if they could send someone over to see, if by some miracle, they could find these 5 wedding rings.

Dan and his crew responded immediately, studying a sanitary sewer map along the way that showed the path from this woman's home to the main sanitary line. He noticed on the map that there was a 30 degree bend at one point of the 8" discharge line and deduced that if they had any chance of finding something, it would probably be near that bend.

Dan's instincts were perfect. When the crew inspected that section, they found all 5 rings, still wrapped in the toilet paper, sitting on the side benching. This made for one extremely happy and grateful bride-to-be and a great story to tell!

Thanks to all who submitted interesting and funny stories, and congratulations to Dan for winning the $50 Amazon Gift Card. If you have other amazing stories to tell, we'd love to hear them. Simply send them to mmaxfiel@hach.com and we'll keep sharing our favorites.

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