Issue #151, June 2015

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A Note From Dave Brown


Only 183 days until Christmas! I was recently sent a picture of a Christmas tree stuck in a sanitary sewer manhole (see photo with first article). Getting that thing in there must have taken some work!

I have seen a lot of things in and around collection systems over the years. Besides the Christmas tree, another story that comes to mind is of one municipality that was using "Goats for Hire" to clear sewer easements. Locating a good flow monitoring site is half the battle when it comes to flow meter installation and I've stood in my fair share of easements, creeks, pastures, streets, and alley-ways using metal detectors trying to locate manholes.

Using a few goats might be a cost effective way to remove kudzu, but it sure made finding the flow metering site an adventure. The white goat in these photos appeared to be the leader and had no problem giving us a "nudge of encouragement" to help us out.

I'm sure you have your own stories to tell, and we'd love to hear them. Make sure to check out our request for "Funny Sewer Stories" below and send your tales our way.

In closing, it's hard to believe, but I just made hotel arrangements for WEFTEC 2015 in Chicago. I can't wait for the show and the opportunity catch-up....

Here we go!

Dave Brown

Dave Brown
Director - Flow Sales
Hach Company - Flow Products & Services

Where did that come from?

Send us your funny sewer finds. Win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Oh, the things we find in manholes. Some of the stories are truly jaw dropping. We've heard of a bowling ball rolling down the pipe during an installation. We once found a full-size water heater perfectly lodged to cause a surcharge. We've heard of bedsheets appearing regularly in pipes outside a prison. And, speaking of criminal activity, TJ Johnson, our sales representative with Delta Systems Environmental, once found a pillowcase full of car stereos stashed down the hole. Then, of course, is the discovery of a family of beavers living in a catch basin.

We're betting, though, that your stories can easily trump ours. What have you, or your crews, found when you popped a lid? Share with us your most interesting, weird, or funny finds and we'll share the best stories in the next issue of Focus on Flow. If your story appears, we'll send you a $50 Amazon gift card.

Simply send your story (or stories), with supporting photos if you have them, to our Communications Manager at mmaxfiel@hach.com by July 10, 2015. We'll share the winners in late July. We're excited to hear your discoveries!

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Product Spotlight

$1200 Discount on Wireless Flow Loggers!

You've probably heard that AT&T has announced that they're shutting down service to 2G modems across the nation. If you already own Hach's FL900 Series Flow Logger this likely won't affect you, as the majority of FL900s are on other cellular carriers. But if you have wireless loggers from another manufacturer, this shutdown might negatively impact your flow monitoring network. If that's the case, we invite you to consider replacing your soon-to-be-obsolete loggers with the wireless Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger. From 3G wireless communication with free data hosting to longer battery life, the FL900 Logger is designed to reduce monitoring costs, increase efficiency, and provide better data 24/7 with less hassle than you ever thought possible. And with the FL900's included software tool, FSDATA® Online Data Manager, necessary site visits are reduced dramatically, giving you more time for data analysis and solving challenges.

We'll even sweeten the deal for you with our $1200 trade-in offer.. For every logger you trade in, regardless of manufacturer - and it doesn't even have to have a modem! - we'll give you $1200 off of your wireless FL900 Flow Logger purchase. That's a sizable savings to help make the transition a little easier.

Don't go dark when AT&T shuts down 2G modems. Contact your local Hach Flow sales representative today to learn about the 3G FL900 logger and take advantage of our $1200 discount.

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*Wireless service only available in the USA & Canada. Offer good through 9/30/15.

Did You Know?

WEFTEC 2015 is just around the corner

It's already time to start planning your trip to WEFTEC 2015! This year's premier wastewater conference will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, from Sept. 26-30. We'll be there and invite you to come visit us in our booth. We'll have a fully functioning flow loop on display so you can see our products in action and learn how they can save you both time and money.

Start planning today and we look forward to seeing you there!

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