Issue #159, June 2016

Case Study: Texas Water Conference
2G Modem Shutdown
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A Note From Dave Brown


Summer is here! The Brown clan is ready for the beach. We are heading over to Topsail Beach just north of Wilmington, North Carolina. I'm looking forward to shutting down for a week with fewer electronics, no plans, no schedule and no conference calls. Sounds awesome to me...

If you remember back to April, I teased about another project - installing a new sprinkler system. Well, I've moved on to my last BIG project of 2016 -- installing a putting green. I have always wanted to have a small putting green in the yard.This is not a simple DIY when you have a sloped backyard. I ordered the putting green from Amazon.com of all places. It's a 15' by 20' 5-hole pro backyard putting green. I wanted enough space for neighbors to visit and practice those tricky 10 footers. I'm hoping to finally shed those 3 putts from my scorecard! The 19th Hole is open.

It's hard to believe that half of 2016 is gone. WEFTEC will be here before we know it. New Orleans is my favorite location for WEFTEC. The ability to walk to restaurants, exhibit hall and hotel are pluses. See you soon in "The Big Easy".

Here we go...

Dave Brown

Dave Brown
Director - Flow Sales
Hach Company - Flow Products & Services

Everybody Wins at 2016 Texas Water Silent Auction

In April, water professionals from across the Lone Star State gathered in Fort Worth, Texas for the 2016 Texas Water Conference. While the Hach Flow team enjoyed every aspect of the conference, which is the largest regional water conference in the country, one event -- the Water For People Silent Auction -- has us feeling particularly proud. Read the full story here.

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AT&T to shut down 2G GSM network by Jan 1, 2017!

Upgrade to a 3G wireless logger at a discount.

Heads up! AT&T has announced that they're shutting down service to 2G modems across the nation (Click to read announcement). If this shutdown will negatively impact your wireless flow monitoring network, we invite you to consider replacing your soon-to-be-obsolete loggers with the wireless Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger. From 3G wireless communication with free data hosting to longer battery life, the FL900 Logger is designed to reduce monitoring costs, increase efficiency, and provide better data 24/7 with less hassle than you ever thought possible. And with the FL900's included software tool, FSDATA Online Data Manager, necessary site visits are reduced dramatically, giving you more time for data analysis and solving challenges.

$1200 Trade-In Discount

We'll even sweeten the deal for you with our $1200 trade-in offer. For every logger you trade in, regardless of manufacturer - and it doesn't even have to have a modem! - we'll give you $1200 off of your wireless FL900 Flow Logger purchase. That's a sizeable savings to help make the transition a little easier.

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