Issue #149, March 2015

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Save Budget & Hassles on Upcoming Seasonal I&I Projects
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A Note From Brian Staff


Anybody else ready for spring? I know we are in Colorado. February broke 100 year old records for snow fall around here, and we can't even complain. It's nothing compared to what our friends in New England are going through.

And while we're looking forward to the longer days, extra sunshine, and less driveway-shoveling that spring brings, we're also looking forward to the exciting projects that come during the thaw and spring rains. I&I projects. Capacity studies. Even river and stream profiling for our environmental customers. It's this time of year that gives you the opportunity to collect great flow data - data that empowers you to make smart decisions the rest of the year. We like that.

We also like that we're heading into regional conference season. See the article below on some of the large conferences we'll be attending. We hope you can stop by and say hi to our team. We welcome your visit.

Until next month, stay warm.


Brian Staff
Director - Flow & Sampling Business Unit
Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services

Save Budget & Hassles on Upcoming Seasonal I&I Projects

It's that time of year when consultants, flow service providers and contractors roll up their sleeves in preparation for the I&I study season. Hach is ready now to help you out!

Before this I&I study season gets in full swing, take a few moments to learn how Hach's many Data Delivery Services (DDS) customers, just like you, have found that DDS works! Whether you need resources or have your own, Hach's DDS programs were created with your firm in mind.

Learn more now about DDS Preferred and Select Programs

Here's just a sampling of our many customer articles that prove just how well DDS has worked for their firms. You'll see they saved money, reduced hassles and realized that performing their studies with DDS freed them up to grow their business.

Gavel & Dorn Maximize Firms Efficiency with DDS
Water Company of America Capturing Lost Revenue with DDS
Stream Water Group Sees Big Time Savings with DDS

Product Spotlight

Spring thaw is around the corner. Be ready to measure the flow.

It's been a long cold winter, but don't be fooled. The spring thaw is just around the corner, and as the snows melt, be ready to profile the high levels in your rivers and streams with more accuracy and efficiency than ever before. The Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter is built to speed up your flow data collection process - both in the field and in the office - so you can be even more effective with your time.

We know you have plenty to do, so don't let your measurement process slow you down. Get ready to run faster with the Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter.

Ask us about GSA Pricing!

Watch the FH950 Video Now!

Did You Know?

You can see Hach Flow Products and Services 'In Action' at three of the largest wastewater conferences this season.

We're calling it the trifecta and it's a great opportunity for you to learn from us so you'll be prepared for the upcoming flow monitoring season.

Here's where you can find us:

BOOTH #723
APRIL 14-16
Get Details Here: TX Water

BOOTH #411
APRIL 20-21
Get more info: WEF Collection Systems

CWEA 2015
BOOTH #617
APRIL 29-30
Get More Info: CWEA

Specific product spotlights will include:

  • Hach FL900 Series Flow Meter Family - Our FL900 Series Flow Meter Family revolutionizes open-channel flow monitoring by providing reliable, innovative solutions for any sewer flow measurement challenge. The FL900 is designed to reduce your monitoring costs, increase your efficiency, and provide better data with less hassle than you ever thought possible.
  • Hach Data Delivery Services (DDS) - Stop by and see our in-booth DDS program demonstrations. If you're struggling with limited resources or are simply tired of fighting to get good sewer flow data, DDS is your answer. From handling the upfront install and ongoing maintenance to providing real-time access to your flow data, DDS moves you beyond simply chasing the data and gives you the time to start solving problems.

Click here to check out our Hach Flow Events Schedule through June 2015!