Issue #145, Nov 2014

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Massive time savings with wireless flow monitoring
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A Note From Kevin Marsh


Not sure how many of my readers know that when I'm not traveling I work from home. I've done that for almost 20 years and the workstyle and lifestyle suits me well. For 13 of those years I've had a very special office companion - my beagle Sam Parker. Last week I lost that companion to the relentless march of time and age. Over the years old Sam Parker witnessed a great many things as my officemate. When he was a pup I was still using a fax machine every day and Focus On Flow (or just about any e-mail newsletter) wasn't yet a thing. Sam Parker is also the reason I am so fast with the mute button on my phone. As a younger, more energetic dog he always waited until I was hosting a webinar or running a conference call to start his signature baying, the howl/bark that these hounds are known for. Drove me crazy. I miss it today. He was not so noisy as he entered his teen years - the winter of a dog's life. His days consisted mostly of napping a few feet from my desk, chasing rabbits in his dreams, and occasionally following me to the kitchen as I fetched another cup of coffee. You probably have enough distractions in your day but if you want one more, here's a photo album I created celebrating my old friend.

Until next month...


Kevin Marsh
Vice President - Flow Sales
Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services

Gavel & Dorn Engineering maximizes efficiency

How the use of Hach wireless flow meters and FSDATA yield massive time savings!

Whether performing I&I, capacity, or other flow studies, Gavel & Dorn Engineering has found that utilizing Hach wireless flow meters and FSDATA Online Data Manager is a win-win that has them telling clients once you have it you never want to go back.

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Product Spotlight

This Fall conquer profiling faster and more accurately with the Hach FH950

It's that time of year. It's time to profile your rivers and streams. But this Fall - and every flow season moving forward - you can collect your flow data faster and more accurately with the Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter. This rugged, highly portable logger captures and stores data automatically, so there's no need to shout measurements to the shore for error-prone manual logging. The truth is you don't even need that second person. Just take your measurements, plug the meter into your computer when you get back to the office, and all of your data easily downloads. It's as simple as that. And with an extremely intelligent sensor that can accurately measure both level and velocity, even at low velocities and in dirty or weed-choked water, the FH950 takes the guesswork out of seasonal flow monitoring.

See the FH950 in action    

Did You Know?

DDS is the path of least resistance for good flow data.

The road to collecting good sewer flow data to help you make smart collection system and wastewater management decisions is a long, complicated one. Just think of all the challenges along the way, from tools and labor needs to paperwork and regular maintenance hassles. Sure, you can get to good flow data eventually, but is the pain and suffering - not to mention the expense - worth it? Is there an easier way?

As we explain in our new video, YES, there is a simpler path. It's Hach's Data Delivery Services, or DDS. DDS is "The path of least resistance to Good Flow Data." Take a look at this fun overview of a flow monitoring program, think about your own flow monitoring needs, and then take a moment to ponder whether DDS might be a more effective solution for you. For either short- or long-term monitoring projects, your local Hach Flow representative can help you build a DDS solution to get you the good flow data you're looking for.

Watch the Video Here