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Issue #104, October 2011

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kevin marsh
Thanks to everyone that came to New Orleans and made WEFTEC 2012 one of the best ever for the Hach Company Flow team. We had unprecedented booth traffic and a great deal of interest in our new flow monitoring products and services.

One takeaway, for me anyway, is that I believe we've finally reached a tipping point in the interest among our customers in remote flow data access. We have been offering wireless, web-based data for many years now, but at this year's WEFTEC it was a topic of conversation with nearly every visitor to our booth. Of course the question always arises, "I want to go wireless, but what do I do with all the flow meters I already own?" I'm glad you asked. For a limited time we'll help you trade-up to wireless by providing $1,000 trade-in value for your old flow meters. There will never be a better time to make the switch! There are details to discuss so, if you're interested, take a minute to complete a short form and we'll start the conversation.

One more WEFTEC thing... If you were lucky enough to be in New Orleans on Sunday you no doubt witnessed rains of what felt like biblical proportions. I was at lunch and looked out a window to see a pretty dramatic stormwater sewer overflow. Ironic, huh?

Best regards, 

kevin marsh 
Kevin Marsh
V.P. - Flow Sales


How to Have All of the Data with None of the Hassle
Wednesday November 7, 2012
1:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 10:00 AM PDT

Sewer flow monitoring can be a hassle. If missed events, useless data, lack of budget to buy meters and not enough staff are a part of your sewer flow monitoring program, attend this webinar to find out how Hach's Data Delivery Services (DDS) can provide accurate sewer flow data without the hassle. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How DDS frees up your staff from flow meter installations and maintenance.
  • About DDS's 95% up-time guarantee.
  • How reports are easily generated from secure centralized flow data.
  • Why DDS requires no flow meter purchase.
  • How Hach buys back flow meters for new DDS customers.
  • How DDS customers now have all the data, none of the hassle.
  • Check Out the Radio Interview Podcast Now for Webinar Details.



Check out our new Data Delivery Services video to learn how DDS gives you all the data, none of the hassle. If you're tired of getting your feet wet and dealing with the common frustrations of sewer flow monitoring then sell your boots and try DDS! We get our feet wet and you get the sewer flow data you need!



Sigma 910 users looking to upgrade their loggers and keep using their tried and true sub-AV sensor. That's because you sensors are compatible with Hach's newest family of logger, the FL900 Series (requires AV9000 Analyzer Module). Customers can enjoy the reliability and durability of the Sub AV sensor as well as the improvements provided by the FL900 Series Logger:

  • User-friendly diagnostic tools help dial-in difficult sites.
  • Monitor multiple sites with one logger.
  • Optional wireless and FSDATA for 24/7 access to flow data and alarms
  • Visual LED signifies the logger is ready to collect data (before you leave the site)
  • Backward compatible with current (blue) Sigma Sub AV sensors
  • More...

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