Issue #143, Sept 2014

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The Quest for Good Flow Data
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A Note From Kevin Marsh


By now you have either participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, are tired of it, or quite likely both. I did mine about three weeks ago (abbreviated version here) and was more than pleased to be part of a viral social media phenomenon that produced so much good (ALS attributes at least $110 Million to the campaign).

As with all things popular and social media based, there have been detractors (aka haters) - those that endlessly look for what's wrong in anything that is ultimately good. I suspect many of these people are simply suffering from fatigue. They're tired of the seemingly endless stream of celebrities, everybodies, and nobodies (see above) getting a bracing dose of ice cold water poured over their heads. But what really alarmed me was the backlash that took hold from people that claimed ice bucket challengers were wasting precious water. I actually had a recently college educated person accuse me and my ilk of contributing to the drought in South America by dumping several gallons of water over my head and onto the ground. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised. There appear to be an alarming number of people that believe that once water is consumed, flushed, poured over your head, or otherwise used that it actually disappears like fossil fuel - never to be seen again. I wish I could spend a day on the floor with each of them at WEFTEC later this month explaining the wonder of the water cycle and how municipalities, businesses, and engineers work tirelessly to supply the world with its clean water needs.

While we're on the subject of videos, I'm excited to present our own video production that will help you better understand our fast growing Hach Data Delivery Services. If you are a municipality or industry that monitors sewer flow this is a service that is both improving sewer flow data quality and providing our customers tremendous savings in dollars and resources. Take a look.

Hope to see you at WEFTEC in New Orleans in a couple of weeks!

Until next month...


Kevin Marsh
Vice President - Flow Sales
Hach Company Flow Meter Products & Services

The Quest for Good Flow Data

DDS - The Path of Least Resistance 

The road to collecting good sewer flow data to help you make smart collection system and wastewater management decisions is a long, complicated one. Just think of all the challenges along the way, from tools and labor needs to paperwork and regular maintenance hassles. Sure, you can get to good flow data eventually, but is the pain and suffering - not to mention the expense - worth it? Is there an easier way?

As we explain in our new video, YES, there is a simpler path. It's Hach's Data Delivery Services, or DDS. DDS is "The path of least resistance to Good Flow Data." Take a look at this fun overview of a flow monitoring program, think about your own flow monitoring needs, and then take a moment to ponder whether DDS might be a more effective solution for you. For either short- or long-term monitoring projects, your local Hach Flow representative can help you build a DDS solution to get you the good flow data you're looking for.

Watch the Video Here

Product Spotlight

URS Counts on the Hach FH950 for Wastewater Applications 

On a regular basis, URS Water Resources personnel perform open channel flow meter installations and redundant accuracy verification of installed flow meters for their municipal and industrial customers. Determining the optimum locations for sensor installation and flow sensor accuracy verification can be both difficult and time consuming processes. Read how the FH950 is saving them time and resources.

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Did You Know?

You Can Meet Us In Person at WEFTEC 2014- Hach Flow Booth 6729!

Be sure to put us on your 'must see list' for the 87th Annual WEFTEC conference held September 29-October 1 in New Orleans. Come by the Hach Flow Booth #6729 to visit with the team and to explore new flow monitoring solutions. And don't miss the opportunity to watch us present a Case Study with San Antonio Water System on Wednesday, Oct. 1. Learn all about their massive, system-wide metering program and the role Hach Data Delivery Services (DDS) is playing to make it happen. See you there!

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